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Swann N3960 Camera

This camera is perfect for those who need to monitor their home or office with ease! Featuring a mcgrath-inspired design, this device is made with metal body andbsr firmware to provide perfect indoor or outdoor pictures and videos. The camera also has a brushed metal look that makes it feel both modern and old-fashioned. With a 60-foot cable, this camera is perfect for larger businesses or homes that need to protect them from potential theft.

Swann N3960 Camera Specs

Contracting swann n3960 camera 1. The swann n3960 camera is a digital camera that is able to take pictures and videos. The swann n3960 camera is able to record videos for a long time, which means that you can keep track of your progress. So you can easily communicate with people.

Swann Security Camera N3960

The swann security camera n3960 is a 2. 4 ghz receiver that can be used to monitor your home or office from. Please read the swann security camera n3960's using code swann2. 4ghtreceiverndustkickerrobot to ensure that you are using a safe and secure camera. the swann security camera n3960 comes with a year of warranty, so you can be sure that it is properlyiazated and registered with the swann system. Additionally, the swann security camera n3960 is equipped with a barcode reader, so you can easily purchase it at the store that you visit. the swann n3960 camera is a security camera that offers you one day of security at a price that is just right. This camera is a srpro-615cam black n3960 camera that offers you night and day security. The swann n3960 camera also offers you a small form factor and low price. this security camera is perfect for a small business! It comes with a 500 lumens ir cut filter n3960, making it perfect for tight spaces or areas where security is important. It also has a smart features system, so you can control it from your phone. this swann n3960 camera is a great new security camera that gives you night vision to see in difficult conditions. This camera also has a digital color new security screen to make it easier to use.