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Super 8 Camera

Our super 8 camera is the perfect way to capture your next event! With our f1. 0 lens, it will handle any movie camera-style photography. Whether you're capturing a small town get-together or a more major event, this camera is sure to capture the moment!

Super 8 Film Camera

The super 8 film camera is a great tool for capturing memories in twice the amount of detail as a regular film camera. It can shoot videos, photos, and videos using the stills or motion videos feature. Additionally, it can capture 3d images and videos using the 3d feature.

Super 8mm Camera

This is a beaulieu 4008zmll super 8mm camera with macro adaptor. It comes with a canon pentax mount for easy camera replacement. The camera has available 4008zmll images and pictures with out the pictures with the picture name "beaulieu 4008zmll". The camera can take beaulieu 8mm pictures with out the pictures with the picture name "beaulieu 4008zmll". the super8 camera is a great way to take video pictures and videos together in one take. It has a camera card that can 8x the storage space of a modern video card, making it easier to store and share videos and pictures with others. The camera also has a 3x digital telephony card, meaning you can call other super8 videos together to make a call. The camera also has a strap for security and to keep the camera safe. this camera is a great choice for a youtube or other video project. It has a large screen and can take great video. It also zoomed in to 8x so you can capture amazing video stills and videos. The case makes it easy to keep it going and it comes with a perfect no. Kodak film. this is a vintage canon canosound 514xl-s super 8 film camera with microphone case. It is doa but can still be used. It is in good condition with no problems.