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The camera is designed for home security and has an resolution of 360 degrees. Itbrightens your home and keeps you connected while you're on the go. The wi-fi rating ensures that you can access footage without an camerasi. Com connection. The camera also has an ir allowing you to use it in your home without any lights or power.


I'm a camera loving girl. I love taking pictures to remember those memories. I love capturing the moment. I love capturing life.

Photography Cameras

This camera is a mini wireless hidden spy camera that comes with a wifi ip home security dvr. It can track you down over night vision hd 1080p. this camera is perfect for photo and video capture in 360 degrees with or without people. It features a wi-fi infrared band that makes it easy to control from your smart home devices. The camera is also able to record to a sd or hd card for future use. the digital camera 3. 0 inch tft lcd screen 16x zoom hd 16mp 1080p anti-shake mic us is a great digital camera for those who want to take pictures and videos in high definition. The digital camera also has a digital read head so you can take pictures that are more focus while taking pictures. the wyze video security camera is the perfect camera for indoor or outdoor use. With three hours of video quality and a color night vision, this camera is perfect for security purposes.